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Unlikely Source

  This is the Fountain of youth everyone speaks of? Murky disgusting water? What now? oh, there’s a sign, “Must catch the frog.” And do what with it? Okay. Wow, that sucker jumps HIGH! Where did it go? Ew, it disappeared into the green… Continue Reading “Unlikely Source”

Little Help From My Friends

  “I thought the BIG 8 YEAR OLD was goin’ fishin’ to catch us dinner? Whatchya’ doin’?” “Helpin’ the beavers.” “How so?” “This is MY side of the fence and that’s THEIR side. Now they know where to form the dam, keeping fish on… Continue Reading “Little Help From My Friends”


So you want to take a journey, but can’t afford travel expenses? This can be achieved without ever leaving your home or even getting dressed! 140 characters Twittering Tale #61 Hosted by:  Kat **Re-posted from prior blog