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Dandruff from Heaven

Today’s weather: light snow, flurry bits Random thought:  and all I keep picturing is God re-enacting Ally Sheedy’s scene, in the Breakfast Club.  Flipping his head over, giving a good scratch… Reaction:  All right, sprinkle particles of love down upon us.

Successful Outcome

Is he going?  Did he do it? (sigh)  Nope.  Not today. Johan jumped and began running around, with his drawers around his ankles. Before he fell to his knees, his mom quickly caught him. “Op. We don’t want to risk killing the littles of…

Rack up Some Points

I have this “Then and Now Bible Maps” book.  It’s super cool, because it shows you various maps of what the land looked like during that particular Bible era, and then there’s an additional see through film to cover over map that reflects how…