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It’s funny, now that we’re aging, we notice different things about ourselves. Although I have not yet broken the age of 50, I joke with my husband, that on our brief, less than difficult, walks along the canal to the park, when I have… Continue Reading “Staff”


Do you have a weird neighbor? Our city had a resident who was mid 20-30s, particularly short, always out speed-walking with his Walkman radio in one hand, headphones on, and snapping his fingers. But he wasn’t in work-out clothes…he was always showered, and groomed,… Continue Reading “OUtcast”


I’m like every person, moved by all the color and assortment of plants & flowers at the local Home Depot or Lowes. I’ll walk though the garden and exclaim how PRETTY they are and hey, let’s buy this and that! And then, I’ll remember,… Continue Reading “soil”