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It wasn’t the dog, this time

There’s a new culprit in the house. Me: “Okay, guys, whoever used the jelly last, needs to wipe up the counter. There are spots of jelly dried every where. Gross.” Kids (simultaneously chiming in): “Not me. It wasn’t me.” Me: “Well somebody did.” Daughter:… Continue Reading “It wasn’t the dog, this time”

Enemy and Teenager – synonymous, right?

Pretty sure not everyone is going to survive the teenage years in our house hold.  The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Romans, gives us examples on how we are to treat our enemies and the importance of love and peace.  I always think… Continue Reading “Enemy and Teenager – synonymous, right?”

Rebel Lion

Ever find yourself on autopilot…  pausing while reading… Wait a minute.   Back up.  What was that? Do Not harden your hearts as in the rebel –  lion, on the day of testing in the wildner – ness, – Hebrews 2:8 A Rebel Lion? What’s a… Continue Reading “Rebel Lion”