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Enemy and Teenager – synonymous, right?

Pretty sure not everyone is going to survive the teenage years in our house hold.  The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Romans, gives us examples on how we are to treat our enemies and the importance of love and peace.  I always think… Continue Reading “Enemy and Teenager – synonymous, right?”

Mandatory Commitment

An old blogging buddy of mine, Aaron, made a post on parenting.  He did so very well, without having children of his own, and I appreciated his view outside of parenthood as he did so without “bashing” parents.  And, don’t you hate, when you… Continue Reading “Mandatory Commitment”

Kids making sales agreements?

FLASH BACK FRIDAY I’m pulling some stories from my previous blog.  Some of these, I want to remember and I love saving as a Keepsake for the kids when they are adults/parents themselves.  As we were having coffee this morning, I read this article… Continue Reading “Kids making sales agreements?”