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Sheilas and Blokes

“I was a little confused on what bathroom to use.” – my son One liner Wednesday /Misunderstandings March 7th/ host Linda Hill We went to Outback Steakhouse a couple weekends ago.  We were out of town for a volleyball tournament, and so my son was unfamiliar… Continue Reading “Sheilas and Blokes”

Reasonable Request

  We either need a coffee pot/brewer on the 2nd floor, a satellite coffee station… or Rosie, the Jetson’s robot, to serve us coffee when we are upstairs.  One Liner Wednesday “Best Friend advice” / host: Linda Hill ** Re – post from prior… Continue Reading “Reasonable Request”


What I discovered this Halloween…Flies like pumpkins too.  And apparently, I need to hone my “thwacking” skills, because everything (but the fly) gets it! (lots of swearing goin’ on) One Liner Wed. / Charlie Brown’s Pumpkin / hosted: Linda Hill ** Re – post… Continue Reading “SWAT”