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Rack up Some Points

I have this “Then and Now Bible Maps” book.  It’s super cool, because it shows you various maps of what the land looked like during that particular Bible era, and then there’s an additional see through film to cover over map that reflects how… Continue Reading “Rack up Some Points”

Keep Your Tongue

I remember being in awe the first time I saw a giraffe’s tongue.  I had been to the zoo several times, and never really saw any tongue action until the one day we visited the Wild Animal park.  I couldn’t believe how long it… Continue Reading “Keep Your Tongue”

WHAM Clan and Jesus

So the other day, someone from church posted on Facebook how they needed 80’s flash back music to get them motivated to complete chores. I’m a huge 80’s fan myself.  A bunch of responses rolled in, and one person linked WHAM’s wake me up… Continue Reading “WHAM Clan and Jesus”