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A Demon needs its Products

What every husband loves… “Hey hon, while you are there, pick me up some…” And I’m texting the word “feminine” and auto correct changes it to “demon” products. WTH?  Yes.  That’s exactly what I need, because the devil’s comin’ outta me.

Seeing RED

  “Meet me at the Arch.” “At McDonald’s?  Doesn’t seem very picturesque.  What, is Ronald McDonald going to be there?  Take some shots of me riding the little merry-go-round, carousel thingy?”  Sherry thought it was an odd spot for a photo shoot, but now she…

Time to Share

Again, conversations around SPAM mail: “Hey, hon, so are you trying to sell a timeshare?  I was unaware we had one.” “Oh, yeah, remember that one anniversary a few years back, when we went to Mexico?” “Yeah, where we sat through a timeshare seminar…