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Rebel Lion

Ever find yourself on autopilot…  pausing while reading… Wait a minute.   Back up.  What was that? Do Not harden your hearts as in the rebel –  lion, on the day of testing in the wildner – ness, – Hebrews 2:8 A Rebel Lion? What’s a… Continue Reading “Rebel Lion”

I Spy

“Hey!” Mira, excited for her first mission, anxiously sat down next to her contact.  She heard him exhale with exasperation, “Don’t look at me. We don’t know each other, remember?” “Oh, yeah, sorry.” To her dismay, nerves got the better of her, and she erupted… Continue Reading “I Spy”

Yes, but what if the Shoe doesn’t fit?

 Be of the same mind toward one another – Romans 12:16 So today, while reading, I started laughing…Be of the same mind…Of course, that quickly turned into a rhyming in my head.  “Be of the same mind…be one…obi-wan…we shall be one.” Barnes Notes: Be… Continue Reading “Yes, but what if the Shoe doesn’t fit?”