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Little Help From My Friends

  “I thought the BIG 8 YEAR OLD was goin’ fishin’ to catch us dinner? Whatchya’ doin’?” “Helpin’ the beavers.” “How so?” “This is MY side of the fence and that’s THEIR side. Now they know where to form the dam, keeping fish on… Continue Reading “Little Help From My Friends”

Good Thing We Talked

I love my sense of humor with God.  He knows I need that type of relationship.  So, my quiet time, this week, I’m studying PSALM 34, and a portion of verse 10, jumps out at me: But those who seek the Lord shall not… Continue Reading “Good Thing We Talked”

WHAM Clan and Jesus

So the other day, someone from church posted on Facebook how they needed 80’s flash back music to get them motivated to complete chores. I’m a huge 80’s fan myself.  A bunch of responses rolled in, and one person linked WHAM’s wake me up… Continue Reading “WHAM Clan and Jesus”