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Your Number’s up

Are you someone that lost their hair early in life? Or perhaps you know of someone balding before their time. My dear hubby began his “thinning of hair” journey during college, his early 20’s. When I met him, in our 30s, he was bald… Continue Reading “Your Number’s up”

Feed me

Do you have that friend or family member that always tries to get out of work? I remember as children, we were quick to point out if a sibling wasn’t pulling their weight in whatever chore at hand. And as high school students, we… Continue Reading “Feed me”


There’s a show called, Burn Notice, that ran from 2007 – 2013. My husband and I have started re-watching it because we didn’t watch the last season originally. So, we are starting from season 1, and the beginning credits always cracks me up –… Continue Reading “Burn”