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By way of leaps and bounds

He said to follow him, and that he knew where he was going. A couple of us shrugged our shoulders as he lead the way. I didn’t know the area, and was in no position to explore. However, I was fairly certain he was… Continue Reading “By way of leaps and bounds”

Monty Python

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers or FFfaw (for short) The aquarium contained a Python, and took up most of my friend’s living room.  Rick told me he went to the Wild Jungle to get Monty.  (as in Monty Python, very clever) “You went somewhere near… Continue Reading “Monty Python”


So you want to take a journey, but can’t afford travel expenses? This can be achieved without ever leaving your home or even getting dressed! 140 characters Twittering Tale #61 Hosted by:  Kat **Re-posted from prior blog