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Most Excellent

Just now, I was reminded of one of my favorite comedies during my high school days Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It was written to be at a local high school near where I grew up, San Dimas High. However, a friend of mine… Continue Reading “Most Excellent”

Diddley-do, Diddley-Squat

Do you form your communication around movie, show or song quotes? I bet you do it more than you realize. We do it all the time. Here’s one that comes up every so often. It is delivered by John Lithgow, who I believe is… Continue Reading “Diddley-do, Diddley-Squat”

Mom Celebrity Translator

I’m telling you God has a Sense of humor. While I was typing my previous post last night – was still in edit mode, and my husband called me into the room. He’s a fan of watching Saturday Night Live clips. And a mere… Continue Reading “Mom Celebrity Translator”