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My Name is…

Back in Biblical times, names held significance. And the meaning of the name typically applied to the personality of that individual and who the parents would hope they’d become. When Elizabeth delivered John the Baptist, the entire family and neighbors came over on the… Continue Reading “My Name is…”

My acceptance of Christ

Pertaining to my last post: After Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel to advise her of her pending motherhood of the son of God, she was immediately obedient to God’s will. However, she still needed confirmation. Upon greeting Elizabeth and the holy spirit… Continue Reading “My acceptance of Christ”

First Christmas Song

Who sang the very first Christmas song? It was MARY! An ordinary girl, about 14 years old, from a nowhere town, called Nazareth. Why was it written? Well, let’s recap: There was an elderly couple, Zachrias and Elizabeth. They were barren and prayed for… Continue Reading “First Christmas Song”