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Today I was reminded of this photo of my son and his best friend when they were littles. I can’t believe I found it in my mess of digital files. (and quickly) I got lucky. He is now a teenager, soon to be a… Continue Reading “KEEPING WARM”


When I was little girl, I came across an old Polaroid photo of my Grandpa Bernie, during World War II. He was with two other soldiers, his buddies, and one of them had given him the picture. And written on the back of the… Continue Reading “Gibby”

Dirty Laundry

Deaths, Disasters, Scandals… networks choosing an actor and model to anchor the nightly news. Don’t worry about being a true journalist, just smile, look good, and air that dirty laundry. Increase ratings with Intrusive press coverage: John Belushi (drug over-dose) Natalie Wood (surely Robert… Continue Reading “Dirty Laundry”