Seeing RED


“Meet me at the Arch.”

“At McDonald’s?  Doesn’t seem very picturesque.  What, is Ronald McDonald going to be there?  Take some shots of me riding the little merry-go-round, carousel thingy?”  Sherry thought it was an odd spot for a photo shoot, but now she was hungry and ready to go.

Charley sighed, “No, that’s the Golden Arches. THE Arch. Outside McKinney Hall on the other side of campus?”

“Oh, that arch,” now deflated, she could have really gone for some french fries. “What time?”

They agreed upon an hour, which meant there was enough time for Sherry to run for a cheeseburger meal! YES! She kept her cell phone on the table to watch the time while she scarfed down her meal. Mmmm. Fries. That hit the spot with just enough time to floss the teeth and run a brush over them while driving back to campus.

Unfortunately, parking took longer than expected. Time for one last quick inspection…she flipped down her car visor, and peered at her reflection in the tiny mirror, smiled and saw there was nothing gross in her teeth, and trotted to the Arch.

Charley was frantically waving to her, “COME ON! We only have a short period of time before my next class.” Sherry quickly pulled off her sweater, and immediately, Charley frowned at her.

“What?  I wore white, just like you told me.” She followed his eyes down to the front of her blouse, and behold, staring back at her was a huge ketchup stain.

Sue Vincent / Write Photo Challenge / Arch

Time to Share

Again, conversations around SPAM mail:

“Hey, hon, so are you trying to sell a timeshare?  I was unaware we had one.”

“Oh, yeah, remember that one anniversary a few years back, when we went to Mexico?”

“Yeah, where we sat through a timeshare seminar and enjoyed free drinks, but ultimately we said NO.”

“Yeah, that one.  I went back and bought it.  All these business trips I’ve been taking, I’ve actually been going to our Timeshare.”

“And you didn’t think to share that with me?  Okay, well, I’m getting e-mails on how to sell it.”

Keep Your Tongue

I remember being in awe the first time I saw a giraffe’s tongue.  I had been to the zoo several times, and never really saw any tongue action until the one day we visited the Wild Animal park.  I couldn’t believe how long it was, I mean sure, he’s tall to reach the tree leaves, but then out slipped this “muscle organ” magnificent enough to leave Gene Simmons and Miley Cryus with tongue envy.  Sorry, giraffes were the originals to trademark “The tongue.” 


Wow!  About 20 inches!  So neener-neener-neener.

And until this moment, looking at giraffe pictures, I never realized the giraffe snout /muzzle area is so hairy.  Almost hairy enough to grow a goatee.  A giraffe goatee, now that’s a hilarious image.  He might need to do a Schick commercial and shave his mustache.  You can’t see it in this particular photo, but there are other close up images that – WHOA!

So, why am I thinking of giraffes this morning, a second post in a row on animals?  Well, in my quiet time, I’m studying PSALM 34:

13     Keep your tongue from evil,

And your lips from speaking deceit

Psalm 34:13 Keep your tongue: Again and Again in The Bible, it is our mouth that shows our true relationship to God (See Job 5:21, Psalm 120:2, Isiah 6:5, and James 3:5)

And again, I laugh.  Because all I can think about is the giraffe’s tongue.  Could you imagine having one as a pet, and it coming to lick you in the face?  Okay, okay…

One of my favorite places to visit, is the Bible Hub, that provides commentaries from various individuals.  I tend to understand Barnes Notes the best, and here is a snip on this verse, explaining a little more:

Barnes' Notes on the Bible

Keep thy tongue from evil - From speaking wrong things. Always give utterance to truth, and truth alone. The meaning is, that this is one of the methods of lengthening out life. To love the truth; to speak the truth; to avoid all falsehood, slander, and deceit, will contribute to this, or will be a means which will tend to prolong life, and to make it happy.

And thy lips from speaking guile - Deceit. Do not "deceive" others by your words. Do not make any statements which are not true, or any promises which you cannot and will not keep. Do not flatter others; and do not give utterance to slander. Be a man characterized by the love of truth: and let all your words convey truth, and truth only. It cannot be doubted that this, like all other virtues, would tend to lengthen life, and to make it prosperous and peaceful. There is no vice which does not tend to abridge human life, as there is no virtue which does not tend to lengthen it. But probably the specific idea here is, that the way to avoid the hostility of other people, and to secure their favor and friendship, is to deal with them truly, and thus to live in peace with them. It is true, also, that God will bless a life of virtue and uprightness, and though there is no absolute certainty that anyone, however virtuous he may be, may not be cut off in early life, yet it is also true that, other things being equal, a man of truth and integrity will be more likely to live long - (as he will be more certain to make the most of life) - than one who is false and corrupt.

So tell the truth.  Okay.  And I’m sure some of you are thinking…cue in Lynyrd Skynyrd – So, don’t ask me no questions / And I won’t tell you no lies.  #keepitreal guys