I like when I’m reading, and I feel an Ally McBeal moment…where I’m picturing things in my head.  That was the case, while reading Roman’s chapter 12.  I came to a piece of verse 9, and I went …

Hmmm.  And I started humming a tune…

Let love be without hypocrisy. – Romans 12:9

I wonder if this was the inspiration for Lenny Kravitz’s song, “Let Love Rule.”  He is said to identify as Jewish and Christian.  Many of his songs are Faith based.  Maybe he tried it out…


“You got to LET love BE…”

(wait, that doesn’t flow)

oh, “You got to LET love RULE…”

(yeah, that’s it).


I’m pretty sure I’m not far off from how that all went down…

I believe this song was released in 1989, a year before I graduated high school.  I ended up LOVING ME Lenny Kravitz.  I own 3 or 4 cds.  And, when he opened for David Bowie – I was at the Dodger Stadium eager to dance to Mr. Cab Driver, and I Built this Garden for us.  He was CRAZY LOUD with huge guitar solos.  (not my favorite) – with his dreadlocks – looking down…while moving his head around-n-round in circles – all we saw was hair flopping.  But I still love his songs on the radio.  He was a little much for me in concert.

AND his role on the Hunger Games as Cinna, the clothing designer!  Those eyes!

Yes.  I have  crush on the mature version of Lenny….and letting love rule!



Dandruff from Heaven

Today’s weather: light snow, flurry bits

Random thought:  and all I keep picturing is God re-enacting Ally Sheedy’s scene, in the Breakfast Club.  Flipping his head over, giving a good scratch…

Reaction:  All right, sprinkle particles of love down upon us.

Successful Outcome

Is he going?  Did he do it?

(sigh)  Nope.  Not today.

Johan jumped and began running around, with his drawers around his ankles. Before he fell to his knees, his mom quickly caught him. “Op. We don’t want to risk killing the littles of FeeFi Foland, darling,” and adjusted his pants.

With that reminder, he slowly stooped over, carefully placed his hand on the ground to thoroughly inspect for the delightful creatures that always made his day. Screeching with glee, he pointed a chubby finger at a few moving tiny figures. His brow creased as he listened intently,

“Try again, Han!  Try again!”

Johan clapped his hands, and drooled a bit. He quickly ran back over to the training area, pulled down his drawers, and plopped on the seat. He wanted so desperately to please his little friends. But nothing was happening. The littles joined him near the thinking rock. He began humming a tune, while swinging his legs back-n-forth, and then dragging his feet in the dirt…and then he concentrated REAL hard…and then something happened,


Jumping down, he pointed to inside the seat. His mother squatted to the ground, and The littles climbed aboard her outstretched hand, and together, they peered inside the rock and cried,

“YOU did it!  Good job, Han!”

Sue Vincent / Write Photo Challenge/ 214 words / Carved