Cancerous Eye Sore

140 characters, or less using the photo Twittering Challenge # 37

Not in MY backyard
They scream
A Tower of power
is not our American dream
give us cell service & electricity
but we don’t want that metal thingy

**re-post from my prior blog

Hamster Wheel

No closer to exit
ground slowly moving backward
Every step taken
they were staying in place!

Levers opened beneath them
found themselves falling

140 characters / Twittering Tale # 55 on 10-24-17 / hosted by Kat

**re-posting from prior blog

Bridge The Gap


140 characters or less, using the photo – Twittering challenge

Get to the other side?
Got to build damn thing ourselves
obviously attempt was made by another
Yeah, but not successfully
ended in their demise

**This is a re-post to bring over stories from my other blog.