“Sorry, your newly built home is not yet ready.”

“So, where do we stay in the meantime?”

“Good news! We do have temporary housing available!”


140 characters

Twittering Tale #53

Hosted by:  Kat


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Hippo Wins

The true story behind his tattoo:

“…but I want an Evil Calypso!”

“All you can afford is an evil hippo.”

In his inebriated state, he agreed.

140 characters / Twittering Tale #43 / Kat Myrman – **re-post from prior blog

in his mind, he got this
In reality, he got this

Gremlins in the HOUSE

Haunted, ha!
Clock is running backward
Toilet continually flushing
bath Water that won’t turn off
Lights flickering
That’s the work of gremlins!

Twittering Tales #42 / 140 characters / Kat’s challenge

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