A KISS for my boy

What better way to get back to blogging than starting off with men dressing up in crazy costumes and Make-up.

It’s my son’s 15th birthday today.  15.

An old Facebook memory popped up, of him from just 4 years ago on his birthday morning.  At 11 years old, he was so tiny.  Such a cute, child’s face stared back at me and I re-posted to family/friends, with a note:

“He’s  now a freshman, and started shaving last year.  I can’t believe I’m buying him razors now.   I still have great fear that he will come to me one day… holding his neck, with blood seeping through his fingers, and dripping down his shirt making a guttural sound, ‘take me to the hospital.'”

We always tease my kiddo that he was born in the wrong decade.  When he was little, he loved LOVER BOY, Working for the Weekend, song.  He was stoked when we took him recently to see Journey and Def Leppard.  Growing up in the 80’s myself, to my dismay, both my kids preferred Journey.  WHAT!!  No…Def Leppard.  Though I do really enjoy Journey…please… Def Leppard.  What fun to have a disagreement over that with the family.  Something in my wildest dreams, I would never had imagined a debate, with my kids, on which band was preferred, especially those bands!

So…an advertisement came up for Kiss’ final “End of the Road, Farewell tour” – and my son points to my screen…“I want to go to that.”

What?  “Um, do you even know any of their music?  Okay, tell dad.”  I seriously think our kids knowledge of the band, is from the Scooby Doo episode where they meet KISS.  We are huge Scooby fans, and roller coaster fans…so Scooby combined KISS with a crazy roller coaster theme episode…and my son (and daughter) watched it numerous times over the years.

So a few days later, I brought it up to my husband…kinda kidding, indicated he needed to buy tickets.  To which he replied, “I don’t want to go to that.”  Although I’m not a big fan myself, surprisingly, I found myself attempting to sway him that it was a good idea.  Wait.  What am I doing?    I do have much respect for the ICONS they are, but I think I know one song?  Maybe two?   I was never a true rocker-chick.  I favored new wave / punk.

About a week later,  as I was crawling into bed…my husband closed his computer and said, “Okay, we got tickets.”

To what?  I kinda forgot about the topic.

Oddly, when we first started dating, my husband’s roommate had a client give him KISS tickets to the Honda Center concert, which he wasn’t interested, and passed the tickets to us.  We saw them for FREE.  And good seats!  I always felt guilty for our “good fortune” being wasted on someone who wanted to see them because they were KISS and were putting the make-up on again…when a true fan would have killed for the opportunity.  It was a good show.  The lead singer is quite flamboyant.   Luckily, we had earplugs because it was loud, especially in the Honda Center.  All in all, we had fun, but not something we would have purchased tickets for, but glad to say we’ve gone.  Never thinking we’d ever go again.

And, here it is… nearly 2 decades later, we are buying tickets for our kid to watch these old guys rock-it one more time.  What is going on here?  Am I in “upside down” world?  I wonder if Kiss even had a clue as to the “future marketing” they were doing, when they agreed to the Scooby episode.  Just sayin’.

Gotta brush-up on their music…and remember the ear plugs.





…The moment you perk up with your coffee as you see the Fed Ex guy drive up toward your house…and you have the briefest of thoughts,
“Hey, what if he is delivering to me, a surprise group of people to get our kitchen fixed! Oh, that’s just silly, expecting a group of guys to pop out of the truck… But wait… an even crazier thought…WHAT IF…it’s an unexpected envelope stating a distant (far distant) relative is leaving us money! A few thousand even… in the envelope to start. That would be so shocking and amazing.”
…and then the briefest of disappointments…as the driver passes your house and delivers your neighbor a box. (that probably contains, unexpected $$ from their distant relative!) It’s always someone else! (hahahah)
Oh, my random thoughts as I’m working.
Me celebrating YES, and then disappointment.


It wasn’t the dog, this time

There’s a new culprit in the house.

Me: “Okay, guys, whoever used the jelly last, needs to wipe up the counter. There are spots of jelly dried every where. Gross.”

Kids (simultaneously chiming in): “Not me. It wasn’t me.”

Me: “Well somebody did.”
Daughter: “It was dad. He made a sandwich today.”

Me: “Dad made a chicken salad sandwich. He didn’t use jelly.”
Kids: “Well, it wasn’t me.”

Me: “Okay, so it must have been the Holy Spirit… came down and and apparently, God made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?”

Son (laughing big belly laugh): “Yep.”

Dad: “Yes. Jehovah did it.”
Me: “A Jehovah sandwich?”

Should we open a restaurant and call it Belly of the Whale?