Ryan Fischer. That’s his name.

Ryan Fischer

He is going to be inadvertently famous for the next week or so, as HE was attacked while walking Lady Gaga’s dogs, during their dognapping in Los Angeles.

We saw this news immediately as we turned on the TV and getting our coffee. First piece we heard, on the Today Show. My husband and I thought he had died. And as we were digesting why he had to be shot while taking the dogs…the news went on and on with slides of the dogs and how they have their Instagram page, and how many followers and an award being offered, etc., etc.

Again, we thought Ryan had DIED. You know why, because they never, ever, went back to him. He was a side note to the dogs’ disappearance. And the news said, oh, the police were able to recover one of the dogs that had run away during the scuffle and at the very end of the story, as they were breaking for commercial, almost as an AFTER THOUGHT…Carson Daly said, “And we hope Ryan recovers quickly.”

And we were like, OH, he’s alive. Is he okay? What’s his status?

What is wrong with our world…Thank GOD one of the dogs is okay, never mind about Ryan Fischer. The story and TMZ video of the shooting is all over the internet. It took me some effort to find the Dog Walker’s name – repeat – HE IS RYAN FISCHER. And he was SHOT. And at the time I was looking, there was no information on his status. Here’s what I found…

” A spokesperson for the LAPD said that his condition is unknown, but a source close to Gaga told Page Six that he “is thankfully recovering well.”

Well, okay, but we never know if that type of comment is a fact. I saw another report that he’s in critical condition. Not too many hours ago, a supposed friend of his created a Gofund me page for Ryan. (do your own research to ensure it’s real and not a scam before donating)

Anyway, first of all, some jokers deciding to dognap a star’s beloved pets to possibly ransom them is one thing…there were two attackers, surely they could have done this without any shooting. However, a second injustice has been committed…the reporting making the dogs the focus, more important than a human’s life.

Ryan, I don’t know you. By the video, it appears you love the dogs and wanted to keep them safe and we can see that. But, your life is more precious! I truly hope you physically and mentally heal quickly. Attacks create fear and often result in long-lasting anxiety. I pray God helps you through that. My thoughts are with you and all that care deeply about you.


There’s a show called, Burn Notice, that ran from 2007 – 2013. My husband and I have started re-watching it because we didn’t watch the last season originally. So, we are starting from season 1, and the beginning credits always cracks me up – the girlfriend, Fiona (or Fee) is a weapons expert and she always asks, “Shall we shoot them?” or she’ll suggest some other violence (like blowing up) during an episode and Michael always has to tell her, to slow her roll.

I laughed because when the Samaritans didn’t want to host a sleep-over, apostles John and James asked Jesus if they should bring the THUNDER and lightening to burn ’em up. Jesus was like WHOA, MAN. No.

52 He sent messengers on ahead. They came to a Samaritan village to make arrangements for his hospitality. 53 But when the Samaritans learned that his destination was Jerusalem, they refused hospitality. 54 When the disciples James and John learned of it, they said, “Master, do you want us to call a bolt of lightning down out of the sky and incinerate them?” 55 Jesus turned on them: “Of course not!” – Luke 9:52-55 (MSG)


Pigs in a Blanket

Today’s random thought: Remember to wrap yourselves up in prayer. Just like Pigs-in-a-blanket. You’re welcome for that imagery. Have a good day.