Chickens in Church?

My art using public domain images

This whole perimenopause really drags on and is quite brutal. Last night I awoke at 2AM drenched in sweat – forehead dripping, breasts sweaty, and the small of the back beaded up – had to get up and change all my clothes. By that point, I was wide awake. My husband inquired what I was doing and I said “getting up, apparently.”

I spent most of the early AM hours getting back into blogging and listening to two online church services of favorite pastors. I went to one of the webpages to see about a friend’s church…that is more remote – near farming areas and you know when you are beyond tired when you misread things. Instead of “children,” I read:

“If you are bringing CHICKENS…”

Chickens? People bring their chickens to church? Why? You know, children..chickens…same thing – they both eat all the time and squawk. Oh, dear!

My husband finally got up a few minutes ago, and when I told him – he was like “CHICKENS…now I want to go to that church.” Extremely disappointed that it wasn’t poultry related.

Who knows, maybe one day…there was a time before Goat Yoga existed. I thought that was a Hoax until a friend posted online that she was hosting an event and included pictures. If you are aware of a service having chickens – please do share!

Last Act

This past Thursday’s WRITEPHOTO by Sue Vincent, click the above Image to link to the challenge. My fictional piece:

It took her a considerable longer time to cross the field and hike up the rocky cliff. The staff assisted her walks now. Such slow progress. Perhaps each step was weighted down with a bit of anxiety and sadness. How would she feel when she’d reach the summit? It’s been a year since she and Frank had gazed out at the horizon, both knowing it would be the last time they’d do it together. A few short months prior, he had received the terminal diagnosis.

Half way up, she paused as memories of their youth flooded her. When they were children, they would race each other and scramble up the rocks. 9-year-old Frankie delighted in scaring her as to what could be hiding in cracks and crevices, “watch out for the snake.” And he would laugh in delight at her screams. At 13, she made fun of his cracking, deepening voice and he would point at her changing body and asking her point-blank embarrassing questions. It was still a race to the top to see who could get there first. At 16, he grabbed her hand and assisted her climb and it was no longer a competition. They shared their first kiss. They talked about all the confusing things their bodies and minds were going through. During college, he professed his love and after graduation, they were engaged. She announced her pregnancy. They brought their toddler up there and witnessed him marvel at the smallest of things. So many moments of their lives, all the important mile stones, were at the summit gazing out at the horizon.

She had made the promise to continue her walks to their favorite place after he was gone. But she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Without him. She’s never been there by herself, ever. They had always been together. Her son had convinced her to make the journey. He had offered to walk with her, but she had insisted she go alone. This was a private moment, so he waited in the car.

Reaching the top, she said a prayer, and took a big breath and let it out slowly. The skyline seemed duller than she recalled. Was that smog? She expected to be flooded with grief. Waited for it. As she scanned the downward slope before the cliff, she was surprised by poster signs staked into sandy parts of the ground. There were 3 in total. All in Frank’s handwriting:

I’m always with U, Katie.

Watching from Heaven. Waiting 4 U

Live life with Joy – I love U

Frank knew she’d struggle. Out of his love for her, he had their son assemble the signs and put them in place after his death. But the printing was his. At that moment, she knew she wasn’t alone. Before he passed, they had a conversation about her anger with God for his fate. And how important it was to go on, living life, with joy in the heart. That was his last act of Kindness and love, and it gave her hope. She felt the heaviness lifting from her chest. At that moment, rays of sunshine broke through the clouds. It wasn’t smog after all, and the horizon brightened with the light and was breath-taking. She smiled and raised her head to the sky and was grateful. After saying thanks, she turned and began her descent with a much lighter step.


My backyard

In response to this week’s Stream of Consciousness challenge – we are supposed to close our eyes and randomly point our finger at a book or magazine and where ever the finger lands, you write. However, I don’t have written material next to me right now, except a Cook book…and well, yeah, that doesn’t seem promising. So I looked out our patio door and the nature. And my word is CREATIVITY.

It snowed recently and the clouds have disappeared temporarily and somehow there are rays of Sunshine. It’s not expected to last, the gray will be returning soon enough…so I decided to step out to the front yard, to maximize my sun exposure. Living in Central Oregon, during the winter, and COVID (stay at home) – we have to take extra Vitamin D. It’s actually prescribed by the doctor. “take a multi-vitamin PLUS Vitamin D3” Being a native of Southern California, where it is sunny nearly every day, and we were out in it all the time – this wasn’t even thought of, but in a different state that has changing of season & weather – if the sun is shining – you need to purposely step out and absorb some rays for some natural vitamin D.

As I was outside sunning myself the best I could in a warm winter jacket, I got to thinking and you know how GOD created the heavens and Earth and all the living creatures in 6 days, and on the 7th day he rested? He must have had a blast with his creativity cap on. When I was young, I had an entire collection of LITTLE PEOPLE. You know, wood pieces carved and painted to resemble people (regular people, policeman, postman, barber, pilot) that fit in the palm of your hand. Fisher Price makes them wide, rounded pieces so young kids can’t choke on them. The reason why I loved this toy, is because I could be creative. I had the town set, that looked like a Western TV show. Two sides – connected by a signal light that could be changed colors manually – the town contained a jail cell with a moveable cell door, post office with truck and plastic mail, Barber shop with chair that went up and down and tow truck. I had the country house and furniture and a 4X4 truck that pulled a fold out tent camper, an airplane they could sit in, a farm with animals, and a few other additions and several people and cars. I would spend HOURS setting it up and moving things around. Once it was set up, I didn’t really play with it after that. I just liked to be the architect and would have loved for the little people to then move about on their own.

Not my photo – from internet Public Domain

And I like to think GOD was having fun, designing our clever world. He created a man to watch over and care for the beasts of the land and fellowship with him. And when he noticed man didn’t have a mate like all the animals did, that he was lonely, he created woman so they could reproduce and populate the earth. Then he allowed them free-will and sat back and watched them go. Adam was in charge of naming all the living beings he came across at that time. And as the world aged and mankind ventured into unexplored areas, and further discovered strange animals like this, you just know GOD has a sense of humor. I imagined him chucking, “Oh did you find that one, yeah, that’s a good one! Whatya goin’ to name it?”

not my image – from internet public domain