Desperately Seeking

150 words exactly / Priceless Joy / FFfaw Challenge week 7/18/17

To find the answer, one had to journey to the other side. Many had stood at the base of this hill, as she does now, wondering what they would encounter. Each harboring thoughts, will they find the cure to what what ails them? As she began to climb, her feet grew heavier with each step. The stones beneath became magnets, the gravitational force increasing as she went higher. Trudging her way up the incline, her fear of the unknown escalated. They said each person sees something different at the summit. Gasping for air, she was staring at vast sky. No land or ocean could be seen, just air that seemed to wiggle. She could hear a hum, an exuding of energy. It must be a portal. How badly did she desire the knowledge? There’s no turning back now. She took a deep breath, and stepped off the edge into the abyss.

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By way of leaps and bounds

He said to follow him, and that he knew where he was going. A couple of us shrugged our shoulders as he lead the way. I didn’t know the area, and was in no position to explore. However, I was fairly certain he was going the wrong direction.

“Hey, are you sure…um, I think we should go back the other way.”

“Nah, come on dude, it’s this way. I know I saw it.”

Across the rooftops, really?

“Okay, but I don’t have much time and need to go”

I had already committed myself to this journey. If only the guy in the red shirt would hurry up, come on man! The rest of the group is probably wondering what happened to us.

“Only one more building to jump. See, there it is!”

Wow, that was quite a trek to the bathroom!


“Um, I don’t have to go any more.”

FFAW Challenge week 7/11 – Priceless Joy.  / 150 words exactly using photo above.

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Monty Python

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers or FFfaw (for short)

The aquarium contained a Python, and took up most of my friend’s living room.  Rick told me he went to the Wild Jungle to get Monty.  (as in Monty Python, very clever)

“You went somewhere near the equator?  How did you capture it (here snakey-snakey) and how did you transport it back to the states?”

(sigh) “The Wild Jungle is the name of a pet shop”   (ohhhh, that makes more sense)

Hesitantly, I agreed to hold  Monty.  WOW!  Heavy!  and all I kept thinking was he was going to wrap around me and squish my insides out!  Instead, Monty refused to remain anywhere near me and immediately headed to the couch cushions and into crevice of the couch to which Rick exclaimed:

“Oh, don’t let him get in there!”

Why?  There’s no coils for him to coil around and get stuck.  Rick was afraid Monty would pull a muscle.  Really?  That can happen?

Can you imagine calling the vet, “Yes, I think my snake pulled a muscle.”


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