When I was little girl, I came across an old Polaroid photo of my Grandpa Bernie, during World War II. He was with two other soldiers, his buddies, and one of them had given him the picture. And written on the back of the photo, were their names and my Grandpa was listed as “Gibby.” I asked my mom why Grandpa was called Gibby and not Bernard or Bernie. And she told me it was based off his last name Gibson. A nickname his friends called him, and I was fascinated. I thought it was so cool. And my grandpa was an awesome guy.

Flash forward nearly 3 decades later, I was disappointed that my grandfather was no longer alive to meet the wonderful man I had married. We were pregnant with our first child, a boy. One day, we were eating at a bar like establishment that had a Gibson Guitar on the wall. And I pointed to it and suggested that we name our son that. My husband paused mid-bite. At first, you would have thought I had said let’s name him River, or Moon, or Apple. I explained about the time I found my grandpa’s photo, and the nick-name Gibby, short for Gibson. My husband is a fan of playing the guitar, and so after a bit of thinking and sipping his beer, he was completely ON BOARD.

We began sharing the name with family and friends and it was received with some mixed responses. My mom, for some reason, particularly didn’t care for it. “Are you sure you don’t want a traditional name?” NO, it’s unique. There will more than likely be no one in his class or school with that name. Not like the several Michaels or Johns. And not only was it unique, it was specific to our family, named after his great-grandpa. Besides, it wasn’t so weird or uncommon to take a last name as a first name. People did it all the time with names such as Taylor or Tyler.

It was interesting to see other opinions. One person asked, “Why would you name him after a cocktail?” to which we responded, “Isn’t that drink ‘the Gibson’ named after someone? It’s based off a person’s name.” However, anyone that was musically inclined, a guitar enthusiast, thought it was clever. Further, on one of my husband’s business trips, we found there is also the Ormsby Guitars. That’s our last name, and so our son’s first and last name, are all famous guitars. Hahahahah. That wasn’t our intention, pure coincidence. And no, our kid is not into playing instruments. (yet, my husband thinks there’s still hope)

One LAST GREAT thing…when my son was 3 and his sister 1, we decided to take a trip from Southern CA to Chicago to see extended family. We were at the John Wayne airport, in Orange County, and I was holding my daughter and my son was walking off – I called out to him and I always did it funny to get his attention… “Gibby….Gib AAYYY” and a gal sitting near me, looked up and said,

“What his name?”

and she had papers she was shuffling and working while we waited to board the plane. I had Gibson come say hi to her and told her about the history of his name. And she said, “I’m writing a script for a new show, I can’t tell you what it is – but it’s big. I would LOVE to use this name as one of the characters. Would you mind?” I told her sure and got a kick out of it and then forgot about it… UNTIL, a handful of years later, my son was playing little league, and his coach heard me say “Gib AAYYY” and he laughed, “Oh, like that show.” – what show? He replied, “The one where they yell Gib aaay all the time. My kids watch it.”

The Nickelodeon Show, ICarly ran from 2007 to 2012 and was filmed in Los Angeles. My son was born in 2003 and we traveled to Chicago in the summer of 2006. THAT SHOW’s character of Gibby is named after my son! People don’t believe me when I tell them. IT’S THE TRUTH. This is not a fictional piece. I’m telling you about my life right now. The show was popular and my daughter watched it. It ran for 5 years.

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and then…

The Greek Orthodox monastery of St. Onuphrius, built in 1874 (Wikimedia image)

I did it! I finished reading 1 book of the Bible in it’s entirety just before I turn 50! Every time in my life, when I said,

“I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna read this Bible. And I’m gonna get me some Jesus. And I’m going to be enlightened and educated. And all that good stuff!” (and get out of my way…nobody bug me.)

  • and THEN I flip to the 1st Gospel – Matthew – every time –
  • and THEN I read a couple of pages…after reading about who Matthew is and his role
  • and THEN I get side tracked…because I don’t understand something, and in my endeavor to look up sources other things happen.
  • and THEN I get busy…
  • and THEN I forget about it…
  • and THEN I remember and say, “I should get back to that.”
  • and THEN I forget again…

But this last couple of weeks, I took my time, and read two Bible versions of the verses (a NKJV study Bible and an ESV) and a Bible commentary, and sources on the internet. I even pulled up the map of Akeldama, better known as the Field of Blood, where Judas Iscariot committed suicide, also referred to as Potter’s field, the original purpose was to bury strangers. There are tombs in rocks that suggest later in time the wealthy were buried and not poor strangers, and it’s now a Greek Orthodox monastery.

… just for some fun…this is a funny “and then” video from Dude Where’s my car – where Ashton Kutcher argues with the Order Speaker. It has nothing to do with this post, except every time I say AND THEN…all I can think of is this funny scene.

This Ain’t No Disco

public domain image

Our 15 year old received some wall lights for her birthday, which was in December, and dad finally got around to putting them up today. Hooray…since they were sitting in a tangled mess in the corner of her room for over a month now.

This new strand, is white (not soft yellowy light, but bright white) and has several columns dangling down the entire wall above her bed, plus she has some additional light blue lights wound through the bed’s headboard. Being so closely together, they kind of clash, but I don’t think she’ll have them both on at the same time. By themselves, the ambiance is calming, but together, it’s somewhat busy.

Meanwhile, she still had Christmas Lights up in her two small windows that were on automatic timer. When she showed me the new lights all on simultaneously, the Christmas lights popped on, and the effect was overwhelming, especially when she clicked through the options of various blinking vs. no blinking. I felt I was going to have a seizure. At that point, I reminded dad to now take down the Christmas lights, but was told the teenager wanted them to stay – what??? – I promptly told him THIS AIN’T NO DISCO. Take ’em down.

He laughed and immediately began singing a favorite Talking Heads tune, Life During Wartime: “This Ain’t no party. This ain’t no Disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around…” – FOUND THIS awesome 1979 live and good condition video. I love David Byrne and his big suits.