Good Thing We Talked

I love my sense of humor with God.  He knows I need that type of relationship.  So, my quiet time, this week, I’m studying PSALM 34, and a portion of verse 10, jumps out at me:

But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing

And of course, I can’t read anything else, because I can only start singing Fine Young Cannibals, “My good thing…where have you gone?  You’ve been gone too long.”

And I started laughing.  Because it was like God and I were having a conversation, as if we bumped into each other at the super market, and he was giving me a hard time, elbow in the ribs, teasing me because I haven’t been to church in years and just started going again, and trying to read the Bible.  (and grudgingly apply what I’m told)

See, that’s the issue I have.  I’m always afraid of what I will be asked to do.  Then, I get a funny from God.  Like all is Good, in the house.  I read the lyrics of the song, and although the artist wrote them about a significant other leaving him, they could easily have been words to me:

“Good-god, woman. Where’ve you been?  You were gone so long.  But who cares, I’m so happy you’re back!”

The Choice

“Are you in. or are you out?”

Immediately, I flashed back to accepting my invitation to the mill. There were six of us who had set up sleeping bags on the outer, upper balcony. About 15 minutes after arriving, the hosts had bid us good night…and we were on our own.

For the first hour, we got to know one another. At some point, I had to use the rest room, and to my dismay…discovered I had to walk a distance to a porta-potty. When I returned, no one was at the mill.

“Hello?” I had called out. Silence. “Okay, guys, you got me. Where is everyone?”

A scream echoed over the hill and behind the trees. As I pushed back branches and past bushes, I made my way toward the sound.  Probably just initiation. Nothing prepared me for what laid beyond the clearing.

I blinked my eyes, our host had returned  and was snapping fingers in front of me…
“I’ll ask you again…are you in or are you out?”

170 words / FFaw Feb. 27th / hosted by:  Joy

…ANYONE WANT TO FINISH THE STORY?  I’d love someone to copy and paste what I started and come up with their own ending.  I purposely wrote it so it could go in any direction.  Fun, happy, creepy, nightmarish.  Political?  Just link to this post so I know!


WHAM Clan and Jesus

So the other day, someone from church posted on Facebook how they needed 80’s flash back music to get them motivated to complete chores.

I’m a huge 80’s fan myself.  A bunch of responses rolled in, and one person linked WHAM’s wake me up before you GO-GO.

That’s not where I was going…although I like WHAM…I was thinking more along the lines of Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Blondie, Adam and the Ants, Billy Idol…

The link the person posted in response was  the video where George Michael and Anthony look ridiculous in extremely tight, short-shorts in neon colors.  Really?

If a time was ridiculous, it was that neon clothing.  I was in high school at that time, and stayed more “all black” Cure/Depeche mode look.  But I enjoyed music from bands/artist that were colorful.  Like Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, etc.

Then it got me to thinking, if Jesus 1st  came to Earth during the 80’s, and wanted to present himself to the WHAM crowd, what would he look like in Neon?