My Testimony

So why do I BELIEVE God exists?

Why do I believe that Jesus is the Christ, and died on the cross for my sins, and arose 3 days later to rest on the right hand side of God?  Why do I think I’ll have ever-lasting life for just having Faith?  Why do I believe I can talk to God directly, and pray and ask him for anything?  How do I know all my needs (and even some wants) are covered?  Why do I think I have his Grace?

See the attached pages of events that occurred to me, personally, that could only been a divine presence.

Read about: (these are pending blog posts, not yet written)

  • When I accepted Christ, in my life, for the first time
  • The near brushes with death in early years
    • Car accident with Grandma Loraine and mom, In North Dakota, I was 5
    • Time playing hide and seek with cousins in Riverside and almost hid in old / abandoned refrigerator and would have suffocated 7?
    • Time was playing at Rubidioux High school playground, and a tow truck tried to run us over, 7?
    • Time someone was breaking into my aunt Leona’s house
    • The time someone crashed into her house and no one was in living room
    • the time a man in a Orange Volkswagen Bug was naked, shaved head and body, held a switch blade knife, or small butcher knife. and waved me to me “come here” to entice me into his vehicle.
  • Time I was riding bikes with Eric and Tony at Sacred Heart Church, and a van almost hit me
  • Time another van flew out of the Megan Clinic parking lot, couldn’t stop bike and slammed into the driver’s door
  • time guy on motorcycle tried to dupe me into riding with him – 5th grade walking home from friends house
  • Time I was driving home (around 17 years old) with cousin Michael from Six Flags Magic Mountain – fatal accident we drove through

Other times, I felt God’s presence

  • When we picked kids up from church camp and we ran out of gas on freeway, assisted another family.
  • When the car broke down (returning from Vegas to home) at state line.  Bill wasn’t 100 percent sure how to fix and no garage was open.  Guys from nearby hotel saw us from their room, came over and helped fix.






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