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Rebel Lion

Ever find yourself on autopilot…  pausing while reading… Wait a minute.   Back up.  What was that? Do Not harden your hearts as in the rebel –  lion, on the day of testing in the wildner – ness, – Hebrews 2:8 A Rebel Lion? What’s a… Continue Reading “Rebel Lion”

Crazy Hair Guy

So, in my endeavors to find some other blogging sources, new buddies to meet across the blog-o-sphere… I came across one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading multiple posts of his.  And I basically commented on like 5 posts. (in process of being approved) A… Continue Reading “Crazy Hair Guy”

Dandruff from Heaven

Today’s weather: light snow, flurry bits Random thought:  and all I keep picturing is God re-enacting Ally Sheedy’s scene, in the Breakfast Club.  Flipping his head over, giving a good scratch… Reaction:  All right, sprinkle particles of love down upon us.