Category: Random Thoughts

Snow & Sun

HAPPY SATURDAY! I’ve been shoving show the last couple of days, and then it snowed quite a bit last night. Interesting the sun is shining and snow is flaking again. The sun is brighter than this photo. I suppose at some point, I will… Continue Reading “Snow & Sun”

Shine on

I was recently reading Tony “T-Bird” Burgess post this morning about the dreary rain, which lead me to thinking about the snow storm Central Oregon is expecting later this afternoon with dropping temperatures. It’s going to be a doozy for a few days. And… Continue Reading “Shine on”

Cut it Out

Cut it out, is a phrase from the past.  Meaning to “knock it off” (another phrase) basically, stop whatever action you are doing… This post, is taking both those phrases literally, when I’m reading up on the whole agreement God makes with Abraham.  Circumcision… Continue Reading “Cut it Out”