Category: Fiction

Little Help From My Friends

  “I thought the BIG 8 YEAR OLD was goin’ fishin’ to catch us dinner? Whatchya’ doin’?” “Helpin’ the beavers.” “How so?” “This is MY side of the fence and that’s THEIR side. Now they know where to form the dam, keeping fish on… Continue Reading “Little Help From My Friends”

The Choice

“Are you in. or are you out?” Immediately, I flashed back to accepting my invitation to the mill. There were six of us who had set up sleeping bags on the outer, upper balcony. About 15 minutes after arriving, the hosts had bid us… Continue Reading “The Choice”

The Foreigner

John’s business partner had filled him in on the culture. In order to be taken seriously, it was important to demonstrate respect, by wearing their style of clothing, and observing rituals. One rite-of-passage, was to perform a “box dance step” around 4 sacred tiles,… Continue Reading “The Foreigner”