Category: Fiction

I Spy

“Hey!” Mira, excited for her first mission, anxiously sat down next to her contact.  She heard him exhale with exasperation, “Don’t look at me. We don’t know each other, remember?” “Oh, yeah, sorry.” To her dismay, nerves got the better of her, and she erupted… Continue Reading “I Spy”

Unlikely Source

  This is the Fountain of youth everyone speaks of? Murky disgusting water? What now? oh, there’s a sign, “Must catch the frog.” And do what with it? Okay. Wow, that sucker jumps HIGH! Where did it go? Ew, it disappeared into the green… Continue Reading “Unlikely Source”

Future Delegation

  “Joanie, where is that ink and quill we bought for Ritchie’s 5th grade Colonial day project?” “Why? Oh, I think it’s in the office, near the envelopes and paper.” Her husband disappeared, and a few minutes later returned with a sliver of the… Continue Reading “Future Delegation”