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Sticky situation

Oh, Ben. Oh, Jerry. It seems you find yourselves in a sticky situation with Israel. I always thought a company had a right to do business where they chose, as long as they get the business license and on the flip-side, can quit doing… Continue Reading “Sticky situation”


A thought occurred to me…what a great opportunity to “take out” the competition… With the latest on those having their Olympic dreams ruined due to testing positive for COVID –…/marketa-slukova-nausch-covid-19…/ **I wonder…would we put it past certain countries to sabotage other favored players… Continue Reading “Sabotage”


Ryan Fischer. That’s his name. He is going to be inadvertently famous for the next week or so, as HE was attacked while walking Lady Gaga’s dogs, during their dognapping in Los Angeles. We saw this news immediately as we turned on the TV… Continue Reading “Dognapping”