Category: Family stories

The Unthinkable

I read a post this morning, by J.A. Allen, that mentioned her son goes to school with a boy that recently lost his mother to a tragic car accident.  Although this person was a stranger to her, it affected her in ways she didn’t…

Mandatory Commitment

An old blogging buddy of mine, Aaron, made a post on parenting.  He did so very well, without having children of his own, and I appreciated his view outside of parenthood as he did so without “bashing” parents.  And, don’t you hate, when you…

A Demon needs its Products

What every husband loves… “Hey hon, while you are there, pick me up some…” And I’m texting the word “feminine” and auto correct changes it to “demon” products. WTH?  Yes.  That’s exactly what I need, because the devil’s comin’ outta me.