Category: Family stories

A KISS for my boy

What better way to get back to blogging than starting off with men dressing up in crazy costumes and Make-up. It’s my son’s 15th birthday today.  15. An old Facebook memory popped up, of him from just 4 years ago on his birthday morning. … Continue Reading “A KISS for my boy”


…The moment you perk up with your coffee as you see the Fed Ex guy drive up toward your house…and you have the briefest of thoughts, “Hey, what if he is delivering to me, a surprise group of people to get our kitchen fixed!… Continue Reading “Reverie”

It wasn’t the dog, this time

There’s a new culprit in the house. Me: “Okay, guys, whoever used the jelly last, needs to wipe up the counter. There are spots of jelly dried every where. Gross.” Kids (simultaneously chiming in): “Not me. It wasn’t me.” Me: “Well somebody did.” Daughter:… Continue Reading “It wasn’t the dog, this time”