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Last Act

This past Thursday’s WRITEPHOTO by Sue Vincent, click the above Image to link to the challenge. My fictional piece: It took her a considerable longer time to cross the field and hike up the rocky cliff. The staff assisted her walks now. Such slow… Continue Reading “Last Act”

Dirty Laundry

Deaths, Disasters, Scandals… networks choosing an actor and model to anchor the nightly news. Don’t worry about being a true journalist, just smile, look good, and air that dirty laundry. Increase ratings with Intrusive press coverage: John Belushi (drug over-dose) Natalie Wood (surely Robert… Continue Reading “Dirty Laundry”

Successful Outcome

Is he going?  Did he do it? (sigh)  Nope.  Not today. Johan jumped and began running around, with his drawers around his ankles. Before he fell to his knees, his mom quickly caught him. “Op. We don’t want to risk killing the littles of… Continue Reading “Successful Outcome”