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Blinded by accident darkness will not prevail In my mind’s eye, a window of light exists Peering out, life beckons Seeing everything so vividly Twittering Tale # 44 / 140 characters / Hosted by Kat **Re-post from prior blog


“Sorry, your newly built home is not yet ready.” “So, where do we stay in the meantime?” “Good news! We do have temporary housing available!” ———————- 140 characters Twittering Tale #53 Hosted by:  Kat   **Re-post from prior blog

Hippo Wins

The true story behind his tattoo: “…but I want an Evil Calypso!” “All you can afford is an evil hippo.” In his inebriated state, he agreed. 140 characters / Twittering Tale #43 / Kat Myrman – **re-post from prior blog