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Cruising to the next Challenge

When word came they were selected as contestants, the brothers were shocked! And now that they were participating, they still had a difficult time believing. So far, the Amazing Race has been an easy ride. In fact, locals allowed them to borrow their tandem… Continue Reading “Cruising to the next Challenge”

Off in the Distance

Nothing ever happens here. You mess up, ONE time, and you and your partner are transferred to a remote island. We’re the only lifeguard/water rescue team for the beach. What most call paradise, we deem “Snoozevile.” We miss the excitement of the thrilling sea… Continue Reading “Off in the Distance”

3rd Time’s the Charm?

With the cage held tightly, he moved swiftly through the, now familiar, rocky terrain at dawn. This time, he would not miss the damn boat as he had done twice before. He had escaped to this remote island for writing inspiration. However, due to… Continue Reading “3rd Time’s the Charm?”