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The Foreigner

John’s business partner had filled him in on the culture. In order to be taken seriously, it was important to demonstrate respect, by wearing their style of clothing, and observing rituals. One rite-of-passage, was to perform a “box dance step” around 4 sacred tiles,… Continue Reading “The Foreigner”

Party Pink Style

“Reminds me of the story about Jack and Diane.” “Who?” “You know, two American kids growing up, doing the best they can?” “Are you citing John Cougar Mellencamp ?” Nodding my head, he smiled at me, “Well, you picked the wrong song, dork. I… Continue Reading “Party Pink Style”

Chocolately Mud Mug

“Hey, mom!  I need a cup!” My 5-year-old and his friend were in the backyard making mud pies, and being very creative. Pulling out out an old group of plain white coffee mugs, I handed two to Joey. These mugs I keep for the… Continue Reading “Chocolately Mud Mug”