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sibling sideline

Here’s a thought that occurred to me. Can you imagine being one of Jesus’ siblings? As a kid growing up, “but really, Jesus did do it.” And as exasperated preteens, “Everyone thinks he does NO wrong. Perfect Jesus” with Joseph and Mary’s response always… Continue Reading “sibling sideline”

Are you aptly named?

I’ve just started reading the book of Luke, and this gospel’s purpose is to further instruct Theophilus in the Christian faith and to assure him of its truth. I have a Bible Commentary that tells us that Theophilus literally means: “Lover of God” and… Continue Reading “Are you aptly named?”

Most Excellent

Just now, I was reminded of one of my favorite comedies during my high school days Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It was written to be at a local high school near where I grew up, San Dimas High. However, a friend of mine… Continue Reading “Most Excellent”