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Exorcism for masses

As I’m sure you’ve seen on the news, just the end of 2020, Portland, Oregon was a place of protest and civil unrest for several months and much damage to the area had been done to businesses, etc. Honestly, I’ve been relieved to live… Continue Reading “Exorcism for masses”


You know how Jesus spent 40 days and nights without food, being tempted by the Devil, and all of us who are filled with the Holy Spirit should expect Satan to tempt us… And I started thinking of myself and what if TEMPTATION was… Continue Reading “GAME OVER”

Virtue – what’s that?

Today I was reminded of this 80’s Banana Rama Song: Love, Truth and Honesty – I just love it! How many of us have issues with any of these virtues? Generosity (sure, if I have extras… just don’t expect my last stick of gum)… Continue Reading “Virtue – what’s that?”