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I’m like every person, moved by all the color and assortment of plants & flowers at the local Home Depot or Lowes. I’ll walk though the garden and exclaim how PRETTY they are and hey, let’s buy this and that! And then, I’ll remember,… Continue Reading “soil”

But Really

I can’t imagine how frustrating, at times, it had to have been for the apostles to not only understand Jesus, but act on what he said. As crowds began to follow him, his “earthly” family decided to visit him, but couldn’t reach him due… Continue Reading “But Really”

New plan

I laughed as I was reading and this thought popped in my head, “Jesus is the New insurance plan.” When the critics inquired why Jesus’ disciples were not fasting, Jesus explained that God was now working in a new way. The disciples of the… Continue Reading “New plan”