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Be REady

Who suffers from insomnia? Ever find yourself suddenly awake and wondering why you are now alert? Laying incredibly still, you listen to see if there’s an intruder skulking in the house and then deem whatever you heard was the dog. Or maybe one of… Continue Reading “Be REady”

Got the Blah?

Who is tired? Tired of all the negativity, but find it difficult to be joyful during these days of COVID, where our lives are turned upside-down, and the civil unrest, and changes in government. There’s a lot of grieving, anger, stress and melancholy. I… Continue Reading “Got the Blah?”

lying in wait

“YOU brought back the COVID, didn’t you. I KNEW it.” I accused in the middle of the night, as my husband sat up and made a weird inhaling noise, followed by lots of coughing. After he recovered from his spasm, I inquired if he… Continue Reading “lying in wait”