I have never studied the Bible.

Yes, I’ve gone to church through the years.  I’ve listened to greats like, Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, Rick Warren of Saddleback church, and Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship.  I’ve, also, attended some small group bible studies.  However, I never really followed through with my own quiet time.  I feared what message might come to me, and what road God would place me on.  No, I don’t want to be a “fisher-of-man.” thanks.

However, here I am, midway through life, and it’s foolish I don’t know more of what the Bible entails.

So, I figured it is now time.  Time for me to become a mature christian.  However, why can’t we simply read passages and be done with it?  Noooo, we are supposed to read, and DO what it says.  The Whole implementation wouldn’t be as challenging…except the one thing outside of simply believing and the more difficult admitting sin and repenting…there’s the whole, “Share the news.”

No.  I don’t want to do that.  That’s what stopped me before, as I never wanted to come off as one of those crazy Christians…slapping people’s foreheads with palm of my hand, and yelling, “Heal thee!”  (and probably end up with a law suit for assault.)  I didn’t want to bother friends/family that weren’t interested in church or hearing about God and thinking me a religious zealot, a Bible-Thumper.  I never desired to leave for a foreign country on a mission. (that didn’t sound like fun…at all)  And, now that my kids are teenagers, they certainly don’t want to have a weird mom going ’round and talking nonstop about Jesus to any friend and their family that will listen.  Besides, what if someone actually asked me questions or challenged me? What if I had no clue how to answer, because inevitably, it would be something ridiculously hard like, explaining why there’s a death of a baby or child, why would God do that? Or why God is against LGBTQ when he allows people to be born that way?  Stance on abortion.  I wanted to stay clear of all those types of conversations.

So time carried on, and we took our kids as toddlers to Saddleback church a couple/few times.  Then stopped altogether.  But we always “talked about” going again…someday.  It never happened.  Until now…almost a decade later.

We moved recently to another state, and found a church to call home.  I broke open a box that contained my bible (that I had to dust) and all the religious texts I’ve saved over the years.  They are BRAND NEW and UNREAD.  Yeah.  Great, golden material that was in a box.  When purchased, I had the best of intentions to be well-read, but only ended up reading a page or chapter as time passed.

One of these fantastic reference materials is Rick Warren’s, Bible Study Methods.  Of course the book states, just like all the pastors telling us, it’s not enough to spend time in God’s word, but you need to study it, and apply it.  So this blog is my journey through this book, and learning to study the Bible, find truth, and make changes in my life to be more like Jesus.

And there’s one more thing the book tells us, just like each service, Go out and make disciples.  NO.  That’s the part I don’t want to do.  So, I think I’ve found a compromise.  I’m hoping God counts this blog as sharing the good news with others.  I’m hoping it’s my ministry points.  Whether or not anyone visits, reads…

I don’t know what I’m even going to do yet.  This blog is primarily a way for me to write down my studies and record my thoughts and hopefully be able to look back and see my christian maturity growth.  Maybe, you might be inspired too.

Oh, and every pastor and group of church friends I’ve had, they are all so SERIOUS.  That has its time and place, but for the most part, I don’t know about all of you, but my God, has a sense of humor.  And you will see that in my posts.

If you feel moved to respond, Please feel free to comment and say HI.

Bless you (okay, see, that feels fraudulent.  BLESS YOU, MY CHILD…) although I do hope HIS “Grace shines on thee…” I’ll end with something more like

Laugh out loud as much as possible, and let your joy shine!






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