My acceptance of Christ

Pertaining to my last post: After Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel to advise her of her pending motherhood of the son of God, she was immediately obedient to God’s will. However, she still needed confirmation. Upon greeting Elizabeth and the holy spirit taking over Elizabeth and her loudly stating, “Why is this granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” – that was the confirmation Mary needed to know it was true.

I got to thinking about the time I needed confirmation and received it from the Lord. I was in 4th grade, and my babysitter would take me to her weekly church meetings, I remember it was the La Puente 4 Square Church. As a 4th grader, sitting in the “big” church (as we kids called the main sanctuary) was incredibly boring. However, they didn’t really have a youth group for my age. They allowed me to attend the Junior High group.

I truly loved the energy Pastor Mike had. And he had an assistant, Mickey, and she’d tease Mike all the time. They were such a great group and a blessing to me, a child that lived her formative years in chaos. I had to often rely upon myself at a very early age. So I could somewhat identify with Mary being only 12-14 years old and making the journey to Elizabeth by herself.

Every week, Pastor Mike would have us bow our heads and close our eyes, for the ending prayer, and they’d always ask if anyone wanted to accept Christ, to simply raise our hand. I know there were people that would look because I would peek around and see them. After one particular service, I really wanted to raise my hand but was unsure. If I raised my hand what would it mean, after the pastor acknowledged it, after service would I be forced to talk to them…because I wasn’t ready for much more than just accepting at that time.

I had this internal battle, including thinking, did God truly exist? The Pastor was just about to end prayer when I started to (halfway) raise my hand, right next to my heart, just enough for God to see, and then I was going to put it down real quick. However, it was like I had two Angels anxiously awaiting, and once my hand made an upward motion, they grabbed each side of my arm and PULLED my hand fully in the air. I seriously had some divine help, there was a force assisting me. I imagined them celebrating…don’t be shy girl, get your hand up high and receive some holy spirit!

Once Pastor Mike acknowledged my raised hand, another unexpected thing happened. It was like a FORCE of water, what I imagine Niagra Falls to be, except very WARM in temperature (almost hot) more like a lightning bolt of water that SHOT down the fingertips of my raised hand, through my arm, shoulder and continued to wash across my chest and down my entire body and exiting my toes. That is the best I can explain. It felt incredible! The BEST FEELING. And at that moment I KNEW God and the Holy Spirit were real. Not one confirmation, but two God sent to me to know the truth.

A few weeks later, I told Pastor Mike that story. He was fascinated and later asked others if they had experienced the same thing. Not everyone had. In fact, I don’t know if any of them had the same thing happen to them. At the time, I just really needed God to be real. Especially all the turmoil I had in my younger days and God knew that.

I can see why Mary broke into song, I sing incredibly off-key, have no ear for musicality. Not blessed with rhythm. So I’m more of the Cheerleader and will write about it. Thank you, God, for that incredible experience and I pray that memory never fades.

Do you have a confirmation story?

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