First Christmas Song

Who sang the very first Christmas song? It was MARY! An ordinary girl, about 14 years old, from a nowhere town, called Nazareth. Why was it written? Well, let’s recap:

There was an elderly couple, Zachrias and Elizabeth. They were barren and prayed for years for a child. The Angel Gabriel visited them to announce they will have a son, and his name will be John. He will be great, and will get the people ready for the arrival of someone greater. Elizabeth kept her pregnancy a secret and was 6 months along with John the Baptizer when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary, a relative of Elizabeth’s.

Mary was betrothed to Joseph. She found out she would give birth to a son, and will name him Jesus. And he will be son of God. Gabriel told Mary of Elizabeth’s pregnancy so that Mary could confirm what she was told. Though she was willing to do God’s bidding, she was fearful of the social and economic repercussions of being an unwed mother in a culture that won’t accept it. And of Joseph’s reaction. Therefore, Mary went with haste to Judah to see Elizabeth. NOT an easy journey. She walked nearly 100 miles.

By herself. At 14 years old. (I can still get lost with my GPS)

The moment she arrived and greeted Elizabeth, John jumped inside Elizabeth’s womb, and the holy spirit came upon Elizabeth and she exclaimed loudly, “Why should the mother of my Lord come to me?”

That was the confirmation Mary needed, and it gave her such joy, she spontaneously broke into song. I guess it was the first musical. She came worried and was leaving exalting God. She knew what the Angel told her was true. God was in charge and could be trusted. That realization gave her great comfort.

Pertaining to us today: You would think if we saw and had a conversation with an Angel, that would do it, but then again we might think it’s a hallucination and go to the crazy doctor. (Doc, I’m seeing things) When we feel a pull toward something, we often need confirmation from the community to ensure what we are feeling is God’s will. Other people may see something we don’t. It’s good to seek out fellowship and discuss the calling you might feel.

Study Luke 1:39-56 (ESV) / TFAB / Pastor Loren video

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