That’s a Lotta walkin’

After the Angel Gabriel visits Mary to notify her of her pending pregnancy and then advises her of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, Mary immediately packed her bags for a visit with her relative.

Now just how far is Nazareth to the Hills of Judah? Remember Mary is around 12-14 years of age. And travel could be dangerous. Did Joseph go with her? If not, why not? (so many questions)

Well, since Luke never tells us an exact location, it’s assumed Mary walked or caravanned around 80 to 100 miles to confirm Elizabeth’s miracle. That’s crazy especially since the roads were probably rocky, and they aren’t wearing hiking boots or sporting a good pair of Nike’s. I don’t know if any mules were involved, but I can’t imagine them walking very fast, especially with a load on their back. What if you got a Donkey like the one on Shrek? I suppose a camel would be your best bet, but I’m thinking that would cost money, and being from Nazareth leads me to believe Mary possibly couldn’t have afforded that option. Hope she had a backpack.

Either way, that’s some dedication. And while I was reading on this, all I kept hearing in the background (like a soundtrack) “I would walk 500 miles…and I would walk 500 more.”

One Comment on “That’s a Lotta walkin’

  1. I love the blogs that you’re posting. Especially the 500 miles in this one 😁


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