There’s a show called, Burn Notice, that ran from 2007 – 2013. My husband and I have started re-watching it because we didn’t watch the last season originally. So, we are starting from season 1, and the beginning credits always cracks me up – the girlfriend, Fiona (or Fee) is a weapons expert and she always asks, “Shall we shoot them?” or she’ll suggest some other violence (like blowing up) during an episode and Michael always has to tell her, to slow her roll.

I laughed because when the Samaritans didn’t want to host a sleep-over, apostles John and James asked Jesus if they should bring the THUNDER and lightening to burn ’em up. Jesus was like WHOA, MAN. No.

52 He sent messengers on ahead. They came to a Samaritan village to make arrangements for his hospitality. 53 But when the Samaritans learned that his destination was Jerusalem, they refused hospitality. 54 When the disciples James and John learned of it, they said, “Master, do you want us to call a bolt of lightning down out of the sky and incinerate them?” 55 Jesus turned on them: “Of course not!” – Luke 9:52-55 (MSG)

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