Strange Journey

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I’ve had 4 jobs since 2020. And I’m getting ready to start my 5th since COVID hit. That’s a record. My husband moaned taxes for 2020 were going to be a nightmare.

March 27 – Job 1 ends – worked HR for about 6 months, and family decided to sell company, and then COVID hit – Filed Unemployment claim, don’t receive any checks until June.

August 17 – Job 2 – P/T HR – that lasted only 2 days!!! A manager wasn’t present when I was interviewed/hired, and when he returned he had someone else in mind for the position…they had to do the interview & after (I can’t prove it) – they just told me it wasn’t working. Training was going great! WHAT? No worries, because I got a call from another company…

August 31st – Nov. 6th – Job 3 – Law Firm Receptionist – swore I’d never work for the legal industry ever again (and I mean ever) but it’s been 15 years… thought maybe it be would different in another state, and easy job of just answering phones…should be fun. It wasn’t. Quickly put out my resume again.

Nov. 16th – Jan 12th – Job 4 – Admin Assist for Metal Fabrication – GREAT 6 hour daily job and good pay. Loved it, but with family owned companies, there is always nepotism and the daughter decided she was going to keep doing payables after all, which was my primary function so they kept me long enough to help clean up old files at the end of the year. What just happened? Requested Unemployment claim to be reactivated.

Feb. 12th – Job 5 – last Friday, I get a TEXT from a head hunter. They must have been someone I reached out to last March? They have an opening for a contract job lasting until end of June. AND without even being interviewed, I can start tomorrow or next Wed. WHAT?

7 Comments on “Strange Journey

  1. I sympathize with your husband, if he does your taxes. My wife used to work a ton of part time jobs simultaneously. The tax paperwork wasn’t bad for the jobs where she was a regular employee. It was the contract work that messed things up. Good luck.


  2. Nice light writing.. sounds like one helluva roller-coaster. Also sounds like you practise #bekind to others & most importantly to yourself. Wishing every success in your challenges this week. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I don’t know if you have read many of my past blog entries since we started following each other yesterday, lol, but I was in HR since 1986 I think. I left it last year to move into Payroll when our Payroll Manager left. I was also burned out. I’ve been thinking about writing a book about my experiences. But not sure if I should or not. The position just kept growing and growing and it was infinite responsibility and touched nearly every aspect of the company. It was way too many hats for someone as detailed as me. The field of HR morphed to be to big for it’s britches through the years or maybe its my fault for working for smaller companies and having to wear all the hats instead of being specialized. I even got my masters degree, but I left to do payroll and it’s been the best decision I ever made! Only 3.8 years away from retirement anyway! 😉 I have repetitive responsibilities instead of infinite “surprise” responsibilities now. I hope you find what you are looking for but wanted you to know I can relate about the burn out. I feel for anyone in HR now.


    • Yeah, every company HR is specialized. For instance, Les Schwab is a HUGE tire company in the Pacific Northwest – I work for Headquarters in the RECRUITING dept. for ALL the stores. So, I was the drug and background testing gal for all potential employees, and surprise drug testing, etc. Very high-volume, Very specialized. Then the smaller company, it was all including accounting. So, yes, you are dealing with confidential and time-sensitive material. Now, I’m just going wherever God sends me. This time, next Wed…temp customer service job helping Oregon Unemployment through June.

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