Our Dog is TrIlingual

Ozo now Meows

Within the last few months, our dog has learned a 3nd language. He now speaks CAT. As he has aged, all sorts of new whiney sounds come out of him, and somehow, he has successfully mastered the MEOW. It only took him 11 years, but he does it quite well now.

Sadly, we don’t have evidence to show you. Whenever we try to record it, Ozo must be video shy, even though we assure him, his pronunciation skills are mastered.

Why this as a third language? We don’t have any feline pets. In fact, I’m allergic. But our entire Oregon neighborhood has outdoor cats…that love to come in our “unfinished” backyard, where we have extra sand out to do brick work after winter…to do their business, much to the agitation of our dog as he watches from the sliding patio glass door.

Perhaps learning to Meow was his homage to those that perished near our home. Each cat that visits our backyard does so in peril. (As our property backs up to rocks, that separate us from the canal trail.) And hawks and Owls, like to perch on the tree above the rocks. 3 cats have disappeared this past 6 months. I know this because their owner’s post on our community Facebook page. One my husband found, with portion of body gone (the insides), and he advised that neighbor and they requested HIM to take care of the body! Maybe our dog tries to warn the kitties, and barking wasn’t effective, so he felt he had to communicate in their language?

Whatever the reason, we now have a dog that barks, whines, makes strange guttural noises, and now MEOWS. Don’t even get me started on the 2nd language he learned – TEENAGER – his googley-eyed stare-downs, body language & sighs. That’s another post entirely.

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