Newport Beach pier – Southern CA

Today I was reminded of this photo of my son and his best friend when they were littles. I can’t believe I found it in my mess of digital files. (and quickly) I got lucky. He is now a teenager, soon to be a man…and he is not happy that we moved to Central Oregon, where we have snow. He was quite content to be in shorts and flip-flops daily. Even when we lived in Southern, California – one of the best areas of Orange County – Summers near Newport pier, and they would boogie board and out of the group of kids, he’d be the one FREEZING after their play in the Pacific Ocean. So his bestie said, “Let me bury you!” And he was like WHAT?

He was so happy being below a pile of warm sand, like a blanket. But not too deep, still above the layers of the cooler base. I miss these simple, easy beach days.

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22 Comments on “KEEPING WARM

  1. The warmth of the sand and the sound of the surf are hard to beat. My husband would love more snow than we get, but once or twice a season is good enough for me.


    • I would be okay with only a couple of times. For the most part, we don’t have that long of a season. And it’s mild compared to other regions of the US, but the city doesn’t do much for clearing and when the sun melts some of snow and it refreezes at night now with indentations of various tires, and our roads are single lanes and very narrow…it makes it a big pain and bumpy icey road. My son said when he’s an adult, he will live somewhere warm.

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      • After years living in both Maine and Alaska, I understand the trial and tribulations of too much snow. The good thing about being an adult is we get to carve our own way. Stay warm out there!


      • Oh, we went to Alaska in the summer time. But my brother-in-law lives there. They love it and always posting their journeys trekking.

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      • Palmer. He was right down the street from the Fairgrounds. We walked with the kids to the Fair. And it was near a reindeer farm, and we went there, so fun!

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  2. Delightful find! Being a lifelong New Englander, I’m not the best person to complain about cold weather to. I just scratch my head thinkin’, “It ain’t so bad.”. LOL


    • Hahhaah – yes, I Keep telling my family, this is the West Coast. It’s not bad. At least it’s not the East Coast or Midwest. Our families are from IL, ND, MN, and WI – they have stories. Hahahahaha – our snow in Central Oregon is manageable. Some people just like the heat. I’m not one of them. That’s why we moved from Southern California where it’s summer all year long.

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    • Right! My son is hopping around the house saying how “cold” he is (we got a lot of snow this weekend) and I’m like, it’s not bad. the sun is out and there’s no wind. And I did all the shoveling of snow. Where he promptly said he was going to go to college somewhere warm, where his wardrobe is only shorts and flip flops. Hahahah – and then I flashbacked to his kid days in Sunny Southern California, and he was the one to complain about the cold Pacific Ocean. Hahahah. But, he will still go snowboarding! 🙂


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