Do you Block?

Reader tab – options

Hey, Bloggers – when you are going through your “reading” tab and discovering blogs, have you ever followed a conversation? If so, why? (when we have notifications) AND more importantly have you “blocked” a site? I never click on other options, until recently…

I am always looking for new blog sites, that I might find interesting or a connection with the writer, but some I know I just don’t have an interest in them. I suppose it could be based on goal, what we are trying to accomplish with our blog. Mine is for comradery. Therefore, “how to” or “marketing” don’t appeal to me and it always seems their blogs pop up the most. What do they do, post 20x a day? So I have recently taken to “blocking” sites like an unfollow or “hide posts like these” in Facebook. No, I don’t want make up tips – very rarely wear the stuff. No, I don’t want politics. Or anything that looks satanic/witchery/sorcery. I only look at a few photography sites.

I felt badly at first, because they haven’t personally done anything to me, but then I realized, I much prefer those out of my feeds while scrolling through the Reader. Does anyone else do this? I certainly HOPE WordPress doesn’t send notices to the bloggers. – YOU’VE been blocked. I remember the first time on Facebook, when I went to unfriend someone I really didn’t keep in touch – it told them. That was an interesting conversation.

Share what features you like to use in WordPress, I’m open to discovering new things.

P.S. I absolutely HATE that WordPress designed the Reader tab, so that people could just scroll down and hit the “star” button without reading/opening post. They just scroll down and hit like, like, like to market their site.

7 Comments on “Do you Block?

  1. I haven’t found following conversations to be helpful either. I wondered if it was supposed to advise you of other comments besides your own, like FB does. In the end though, I think there are enough notifications in my day without adding any more.
    I noticed Feedly showing up in my feed and wondered what that was about, now I know. 🙂


  2. I don’t much like the WordPress reader, so instead I follow blogs through Feedly. There’s a slight delay between when blogs are posted and when they appear in my feed on Feedly, but it’s a format I’ve gotten used to. From there, I can read posts in Feedly or I can click over to the actual post, giving me a chance to like or comment. I’ve tried going back to the WordPress reader a few times, but I just don’t like the way it handles the blogs I want to follow. With Feedly, I specify which sites I want to follow since I input the web address manually.


    • Thank you for sharing. I’d like to check that out. Do you have the link and how does it work. See, the thing is, I’m trying to discover new blogs of people with similar interest as mine…and I use the reader for that. It sounds like Feedly, you have to enter a particular address. Does feedly work if you follow other blogging software sites like Blogger?

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      • It’s just… So, the way I do it is when I come across a new blog I want to follow, I copy the homepage address and add it to my personal feed. And yes, it does work for other blogging platforms. Another reason I like it better than the WordPress reader.


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