No Sap for me

Valentine Piñatas

“They opened a new WinCo in Bend! They have the most beer choices and the most Piñatas. ” – my husband posted to Facebook yesterday, accompanied with some photos. To which I replied,

“So…you’re telling me this year’s Valentine’s Candy will be in a piñata? If so, make sure it’s the GOOD CANDY…or I will beat YOU with the stick.” 🙂

Typically, my husband is always gone at a tradeshow during Valentine’s, we just don’t make a big deal of the day… basically a funny card (if we remember, sometimes oftentimes, it’s printed from the computer on paper) and a bit of candy, but we are never together on the actual day.

This year he’s home due to COVID. But we’ll stick to just some candy and splurge on dinner at home, like steak or something. Personally, I don’t like too sappy of cards, too much sugar is too much. And Hallmark cards are ridiculously overpriced. It ticks me off.

I’m pretty easy to please. Give me a good laugh, and some yummy candy, maybe out to dinner one year – BUT not on the day of…a day before or after. I am too practical with our $$ to pay increased dinner prices and it’s busy. And I always told him, “Don’t you go buy those expensive flowers on the day of…they just die and get smelly anyway. I’d rather we spend that money on something else we want/need.” Of course, he can feel free to bring home an arrangement any other day of the year. But with my asthma, it might be a plant on Mother’s day…that quickly dies in my hands. Hey, the last one made it 6 months, a record for me! It met it’s demise when I forgot about it outside and it froze. (whoopsy) It never recovered. (so sad. I feel bad)

Whatever you are doing this Valentine’s, enjoy your day! We have a BIG STORM rolling into Central Oregon, and the degrees are dropping quickly, supposed to be single digits the next couple/few days. So, we’ll definitely be by the fireplace this Valentine’s putting together a jigsaw puzzle!

In response to Fandango’s FPQ challenge

5 Comments on “No Sap for me

  1. Sandi, in my absence, I can’t believe you’ve taken to murdering plants! And now you’ve added taunting (your blog-reading public) with random post on how you made it look like (wait for it), Herbicide! Diabolical, Sandi! If that is your real name? Now, we here at the yard (not Scotland yard, but the backyard) have only until Mothers Day to prevent your next senseless (long pause), amBUSH killing! I only hope we can stop this from happening to another unsuspecting potted plant before they meet a similar fate. 😀


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